Progettazione e ricerca sul Paesaggio

The analysis of the visible and invisible traces in the landscape restores to the memory a possibility to become present again through the imagination and utopia.
Using an empirical and adaptive work system in which visionarity overlaps objective data, AR Scape recomposes these strands of consciousness and collective actions in new scenarios, in which the transformation of the landscape is accompanied through art, architecture and urban regeneration – without losing sight of an ongoing responsibility towards the modernity, quality of life and respect for local identities.


Ripensare i luoghi della memoria collettiva

ARscape interpreta, rappresenta e modifica i luoghi in cui viviamo e che attraversiamo, sovrapponendosi a un palinsesto riscrivibile da cui riaffiorano tracce visibili e invisibili, in cui la memoria si trasforma in futuro attraverso l’utopia.

La stratificazione di argomenti e conoscenze diverse ci porta a una facilità nel creare collaborazioni e gruppi di lavoro sempre nuovi.

Our era is lost behind images with a shift speed similar to app updates on our mobiles and fashionable interpretations of reality that often fuel widespread misunderstandings towards our profession and its mission in terms of responsibility towards people.

Movinglandscapes was inspired by the idea of regaining possession of our space and our era, defining our field of theoretical exchange and an open square for debate and confrontation; a place that cultivates a course of action once again based on the need for research, invention, creativity, in order to generate that beauty that arises from specificity and not from the homologation of merely constructive processes delegated to economic interest.