Landscape and participation: from the feasibility study “The permeable city” to the ordinary landscapes of Siena.

Progetto:  Associazione Culturing, Atelier di paesaggio ARscape, Associazione Itinera


The event that took place on Saturday, October 21st, organized by the Culturing Association in collaboration with the ARscape Landscape Atelier and the FuoriCampo Association was a day conceived as an open-source creative lab entirely dedicated to the theme of the Follonica Valley.

Cultural operators, artists, residents, contrada inhabitants, associations and interested citizens, subjects already participating in the feasibility study “The Permeable City. Art, Culture and Community in the Urban Valleys of Siena”, together with the students of the University for Foreigners of Siena and the Siena Art Institute compared and discussed ideas, producing proposals useful for a development of a possible project linked to the cultural enhancement of the Follonica Valley. 

The work, using co-design methodologies, focused on the possible cultural activities to be carried out in this unique area, taking advantage of a series of interventions by experts on the themes of landscape, organization of events, communication, design, environmental engineering and social innovation. The brainstorming and participatory design activities conducted by Annunziata De Comite and Christian Posani produced a material emotion map on possible value and dynamic scenarios within the Valley. 

The workshop “Landscape and Participation”, in the second part of the day, featured not only the students of the University of Architecture of Athens, guests at the Siena Art Institute, but also the young inhabitants of the Leocorno and Giraffa contradas, acting as young “primitive collectors” intent to conserve “pieces” of the Valley set aside during its exploration with the aim of building a spatial and material “shake”, capable of reflecting their personal and crystalline image of the valley – a world made up of real and imaginary fragments, but which are locatable in a precise space of the city. 

The event achieved a notable success of the operators of the people interested in the Valley. 

Furthermore, the success of the participatory and innovative approach proved once again the value of collaboration between operators, cultural institutions, users and the Contradas, which have always been the engine of innovation and enhancement of the space we live in and work in every day. 


Tipologia: Giornata di studi-workshop creativo

Luogo: Siena – 2017

Stato: eseguito


Siena Art Institute-laboratorio Technè


Landscape, Design, Art, Topography