HAB eco-mmun per la città di Soissons – Un “habitat condiviso”.

Progetto: Agence Certier Architecture, Cabinet BAU architectes,  Atelier di Paesaggio ARscape, Construir pou demaine” collectif d’entreprises expérimentées, Energetik Ingégnierie et Conseil en Energie


The competition of ideas “Rénovons le logement autrement” is the result of the reflection of the city of Soisson on the future of real estate assets that get older when the offer and the number of new low-cost housing units for the first buyers are still limited in the country.

In a contest of growing scarcity of building plots, it is increasingly difficult for families to purchase new low-cost housing that would correspond to their resources and be of quality. Restoring housing thus becomes a real challenge and a lever in terms of real estate offer and residential attractiveness, which means the attractiveness of the city of Soissons.

The objectives of the project:

  • “Ecological” restoring
  • “Energy-efficient” restoring
  • “Economic” restoring with contemporary aesthetic

Based on this need, the challenge was to combine the reduction of overall cost with the creation of bigger housing units, the improvement of the quality of existing spaces and the ecological and energetic performance of the building. 

What had to change, however, was the paradigm of life to be imagined in a way to open up to alternative and not stereotyped lifestyles, better suited our society and the evolution of the contemporary family (single parental, mixed, extended, etc.). Based on this assumption and assessments, which were also linked to the need for new construction and design processes of the space, a “shared housing” was designed. It will allow to:

  • save construction costs by using evolved standardization and modular systems;
  • enhance local industries and businesses;
  • create synergies and involvement of the interested parts;
  • organize living spaces to better suit the inhabitants;
  • save energy in the daily management of the building thanks to mutual help and pooling of resources (joint travels, group purchases, sharing of various tools and objects, etc.).

If “Sharing means dividing costs and consumption by multiplying the benefits” in the context of an urban renewal project, the spread of “shared housing” projects certainly contributes to reducing construction costs, offsetting the additional cost of sustainable and energy-efficient materials. The quality of housing and architecture improves, contrary to what one might think, no longer connected to mere unethical saving logics. 

Our project, too, proposes a reproducible method thanks to the participation and collaboration of different actors (inhabitants, social supporters, elected representatives, partners, associations, Moe, AMO, companies). 


Tipologia: Concorso di idee 

Luogo: Soissons, France (2018)

Stato: Menzione d’onore


Ville de Soissons, France


Landscape, Architecture