Un giardino collettivo virtuale da costruire con ognuno di voi usando i nostri semi

Progetto: Atelier di paesaggio Arscape

Collaboratori: Aperto a chiunque voglia partecipare


Take a seed, take care of it until it blooms, send us its georeferenced photo accompanied with a thought about the time you spent together with your little new plant. 

Our goal is to build a garden we don’t have, made up of people who share a passion and who in the first place know us or want to know us while working on this experiment. A garden that represents not only our ideal “office” and meeting point, but also a system of existing and potential relations capable of communicating the influence in everyday life of the care of a sprout and attention to details, in an entirely autonomous time. 


Tipologia: progetto socio-culturale 

Luogo: World

Stato: In evoluzione


Atelier di paesaggio Arscape


Landscape, Architecture, ARt